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Read what our patrons are saying about the newly restored Avon Theatre and our selection of programming.

Please send your thoughts and comments to info@avontheatre.org. We appreciate your suggestions and look forward to tailoring our programming to meet the desires of the Stamford community.

I'm really happy that the Avon has reopened because I'm able to see interesting films, finally, outside NYC. It's almost like the Angelika. I went to see the screening / Q & A with Wim Wenders, I wish there were more events like those - I was really happy to have that opportunity.

Thanks Avon Theatre and staff.

- C. Sánchez

Came to March of the Penguins last week, it was very good. You guys are doing a great thing- keep it up. I am so glad someone has saved that beautiful place and is keeping it alive.

Mike Limone

To the Avon Theatre Staff,

I am SO IMPRESSED with everything about the AVON - the theatre, the films, the programs and the wonderful emails and communications.  This is JUST WHAT WE NEEDED in Stamford, and whoever is the "genius" behind this effort - please  let them know.

I, for one am spreading the word to everyone that I know....

Best regards,
Avon Fan in Pound Ridge

Dear Avon Staff,

I just wanted to take this opportunity to congratulate you on the very successful screening / Q & A last Friday night.

I was very pleased to see that the event had sold out. I overheard several people say: "I never knew this was so great, and I will definitely become a member." I hope this is coming to fruition in this week following the screening.

I am new to Stamford and a new member of Avon, and I cannot tell you how fortunate I feel to have your wonderful theater only a short walk away.

I will certainly continue to spread the word and look forward to your upcoming films. Continued success,

Ann Giuli

A quick email to let you know how much my husband and I enjoy the Avon !  I truly look forward to your emails with the latest events!

I have childhood memories of the Avon - I saw Star Wars there too- I am so happy the theater is back and beautiful!

Thank you!
Heather Sargent

I want to congratulate & thank you for the great programming at your theater.

I also want to suggest a film recently screened at the Film Forum in NYC. It is the original version of "Baby Face-the unedited version". Restored with recently found original footage, it would be very exciting to bring this genre to your screens.

Thanks again,
W. Bodden, Norwalk, CT

I want to say thanks for bringing a little piece of New York to this area, the piece that I have been missing for 16 years! With two kids, it's hard to find time to go into New York to see great films, Foreign films, interesting films. Now my husband and I are at the Avon theater all the time. We've seen Sideways, Hotel Rwanda, Downfall, Melinda Melinda, Paper clips and we are going to see Walk on Water next weekend. I'm sure this is the beginning of a long and beautiful relationship!

-Esther - Stamford, CT

I attended my first show at the Avon last week, Off The Map, along with my wife and another couple. I was stunned and delighted by both the film and the movie house. What a gem of a place - in spirit, as well as style.

- Matt K.

I'm so impressed by the quality of the films offered at the Avon. My husband and I enjoyed immensely the opportunity to meet the director, Campbell Scott, last night after the film.

-P. Sloane

Best of luck to you for all you do to enrich our community.

-Pam Sloane

Thanks for bringing  Wenders over.  I can't believe we can get to meet people of his stature outside  New York City!

-V. Pande

Overall, another "thumbs up!" for the Avon Theatre and staff.


The Avon is such a wonderful treasure! The film choices are so unique. I have seen such special presentations as Girl with Pearl Earring, Triplets of Belleville and, of course, Sideways - way before it was nominated for anything! I regret missing Hotel Rwanda and Motorcycle Diaries ... I have recommended your theater to friends and neighbors using your best advertising instrument - your emails! They are well structured and I always look forward to receiving them.

Keep up the great work!
Meg from Stamford

The Avon is the best thing that's come along to Stamford in years! You've made a priceless contribution to the community. I've encouraged all of my friends and co-workers to support the Avon. Your weekly email updates are so helpful. I've forwarded them along many times. The Avon is the theater I've always dreamed Stamford had. I look forward to supporting you for many years to come. Thanks for all the great work. You guys are the BEST!

Warmest Regards,
Jane Porter

Dear Mr. Birnbaum:

I'm informed by the Greenwich Arts Center, of which organization I am an exhibiting member, that it is you who so generously donated the complimentary passes for use at the Avon Cinema.

Thanks so much for affording us the opportunity to see Hotel Rwanda 'gratis'! It's good to have a cinema such as the Avon that shows films of worth and substance.

Kindest regards,
Gillian Marshall

Keep up the good work. You are doing a great job for the arts in Stamford. We attended Hotel Rwanda last evening and it was outstanding. I am sure it is opening many eyes.

-Andy Hammerl

You are doing a great job. I am almost sorry that we have moved to NYC!!

Happy New Year,

-Gordon Micunis

Thank you for bringing films of intellectual relevance to Stamford. It is refreshing to have a place to go and see well-made films. The Hollywood formula for movies has become insipid.

-George Crolla

We are huge fans of the Avon and go as often as we can. You all have done a wonderful job of improving downtown Stamford! I hope you will be there forever.

-Meg Scarpetta

Your theatre is doing amazing things for the community - thank you.

-Lynn DeRocco

Thanks so much for running so many great events and contests at the Avon. I've had so much fun with a lot of them already, and am looking forward to many more! You guys have done so much for our local art community; it would make me feel great to get to help out the Avon a little too!

-Rena Paris

Your piece on Hollywood and the movies of 1939 was interesting and enjoyable. I'm sure I speak for many people who are thankful for a theater like the Avon.
Keep up the great work.

-Zoltan Deak

Ladies and Gentlemen:

Let me start off by saying that the re-emergence of the Avon has been nothing short of a revolution for Connecticut moviegoers. I have been a loyal and regular customer from day one and I am truly grateful for the opportunity to see films that otherwise would have been inaccessible to me without a trip to NYC.
Keep up the tremendous work.

-Greg Falk


Your Friday Night sounds great. I love the Avon!

-Jim Aylward

You guys are awesome!!!!!!!!!!!! Keep up the good work. My friends and I had the BEST time at The Warriors on Friday. It was a real treat and we look forward to more!


The selection of movies played at the Avon has something for everyone. Avon engages the audience, unlike its local competitors. Keep up the good work.

-Amy Pappalard

I just wanted to say that your theatre amazes me. Since moving from New York City, I've been looking everywhere for a theatre showing these kinds of older films. I live in Fairfield now, and have been more than happy to make the journey down I-95 to Stamford. I'm particularly grateful for your Kidz Flix series. I have a 2½-year old daughter, and she was never able to actually sit through a full-length movie until coming to your theatre. So far, I've taken her to Pee-Wee's Big Adventure, Charlotte's Web and E.T. I can honestly say that I am never happier than I am on these Saturday afternoons with her. The joy I get watching her reactions to these films I grew up loving is almost beyond expression. Thank you so much for making this possible.

By the way, I'm also very intrigued by your Film at 11 series. So far, I've only been able to make it to Raiders of the Lost Ark, but that alone was a great enough experience to hook me for the long haul. Seeing Raiders on the big screen for the first time since I was six was truly something else. You guys have an incredible lineup for the next couple months, so I plan to come more often. Once again, thank you for setting up such a great establishment, and I wish the best of luck in continuing to present these movies you just can't see anywhere else on the big screen.

-Brian Solomon

The Avon is a great theater. I remember going to there to see Old Yeller when I was 7 or 8 years old. I'm thrilled that everyone involved in the restoration and the revitalization of that great old theater cares for it as much as you obviously do. When I drove by it, during the years that it was dark, it always bothered me that such a wonderful old theater was not being used for something. You can't imagine how happy I was when I discovered that it was open again and with such a great agenda.

-Bill Buschel

I moved to Stamford from San Francisco seven years ago, and quickly realized how spoiled I was in California. For all these years in Connecticut I have bemoaned the lack of access to foreign and independent films in Stamford. All too often I found myself driving to a not-so-nice neighborhood in Norwalk, and sometimes even going all the way to New Haven or New York City, just to see a good film. But, thanks to the Avon, no longer!

As downtown Stamford becomes more attractive and interesting, I hope the Avon continues to prosper and grow. The building restoration is lovely, the seats are comfy, and your thoughtful film selection boasts a refreshing variety! Plus it is so nice to be able to stroll before or after the movie, and enjoy a nice dinner or coffee.

Best wishes for success!

-Elizabeth K. (Stamford)

Thank you so much for a most memorable evening. I look forward to many more interesting and fun events. Barry Levinson was great and so warm and interesting. I am a native of Stamford and applaud you for your efforts to bring movies and speakers to our city. The theatre is wonderful and reminds me of when I was a child.

-Judy Sherman

My friends and I had a blast seeing Chevy Chase Saturday night! I think you guys are doing a great job bringing all these wonderful films to Stamford - it's such a nice alternative to the usual cookie-cutter junk Hollywood throws at you. Ashton Kucher? Give me a break - Cary Grant was the real deal! And give me Audrey Hepburn any day over Hillary Duff! And Film at 11Jaws and The Exorcist.

Keep up the good work!

-Jonathan (Stamford)

I'm so happy the Avon is reopened. Finally a local place where I can view foreign and independent films on the big screen instead of waiting for the DVD. Also love the idea of classic movies at 11. Thank you!

-Dean K.

" My recent visit to the Avon Theatre was a rare experience. Accustomed to the obnoxious neon multi-cineplex near my home, I was so thrilled to see this charming theatre restored to its original physique. Whomever is in charge of programming has a firm grasp on the importance of providing a rich cultural experience to its viewer."


My friends and I had a blast seeing Chevy Chase Saturday night!
I think you guys are doing a great job bringing all these wonderful films to Stamford - it's such a nice alternative to the usual cookie-cutter junk Hollywood throws at you.
Ashton Kutcher? Give me a break - Cary Grant was the real deal!
And give me Audrey Hepburn any day over Hillary Duff!
And Film at 11 is just plain awesome - I can't wait for Jaws and The Exorcist.
Keep up the good work!

-Jonathan (Stamford)

I just wanted to say that the four of us made it to both shows last night. We had a blast, and I hope Chevy Chase was excited too because he packed the house. I'm happy to support you guys.
Thanks again.


Hi Guys,
Thank you so much for restoring this theatre. I try my best to support it and get the word out to all my friends about it.

-Kathy A. West

While walking along Bedford looking for a place to eat, I saw your theatre. I just moved into the area and am very excited to visit your theatre. From your website, it seems to be just the type of theatre I've been looking for. See you on Saturday night!!

-Debra Koster

Places like yours are great, and I hope you've started a trend!


Your theater is great! Hope the word spreads. Thanks.


Your are to be commended for bringing Control Room to the area so quickly.
Devoted to free voices,

Janis Stahlhut

I visited your theatre for the first time this weekend for the 11:00 showing of A Clockwork Orange. Not only was it great to see this classic on a big screen, but the theatre is beautiful and the staff was friendly.

I am looking forward to seeing many more films at the Avon.... It's so nice to have a place to see art, cult, and classic films in the area!

-Kris Macauley

I grew up seeing many many movies [at the Avon]. I have many fond memories of this theater, and am so very happy to see it back in shape. I now live in Dallas TX, I don't know how this announcement got to me of all people, but I'm VERY excited that you did this wonderful thing!!!
Sandra Harris

I just discovered you and couldn't be more thrilled. I saw Suddenly, Last Summer last weekend and was mesmerized by the beautiful black and white images I've seen so often on television. What a treat. And it was wonderful to hear Rosemary Mankiewicz talk about the "insane asylum" on the set as well as the one depicted in the movie. Thanks so much for being there.
-Diane Cousineau

Hi you guys...I attended the Altman show and I had a great time....We saw Company and enjoyed it so much....being artists, we especially loved the docu-story format and of course seeing the dance process was mind blowing......We also enjoyed the Q and A afterward.....I attend shows regularly and am so glad that I don't have to always go to Norwalk....I really hope this endeavor is a huge success!
-Lina Morielli

Hey! I just wanted to thank you guys again for moving “Dogville” into the “big” theater last night so I could get to it. It was a really, really nice gesture.
You’ve done a great job with the theatre. It really is a spectacular jewel for downtown Stamford. I actually wrote a little piece about it on my goofy blog. if you’re curious (and terribly bored). I’ll certainly be a fixture there in future.
Oh, and how did you score the coup of Altman coming to talk about “McCabe and Mrs. Miller?!”

The K. Hepburn festival is music for my eyes and ears. She is my all time favorite star I think. Now if only we could have an entire festival of the Hepburn-Tracy pairings my life would be a dream. I am very excited about the Altman series. You folks have done a good thing here. Thank you very much.
-Sheryn Labate

Delighted to see this kind of theater around in this day and age. A great alternative to the 15-20 area theaters all playing the exact same movies.
-Neil Weicher
Stamford, CT

I saw the interview in Westchester magazine and have been to the Avon a couple of times already. Definitely the best moviegoing experience in the Northeast!
I want to express my enthusiasm for your wonderful theatre! As an old fan of the Regency Theatre and Theatre 80 in Manhattan, I would love to see a Preston Sturges or Michael Powell festival or films of Myrna Loy, John Barrymore, Orson Welles, etc.
Keep up the GREAT work. I tell all my friends about it.
-Anne Lampert

First of all, I am a very big film fan. I love the type of work you're doing at the Avon, and having an art house cinema in my city is truly a dream come true. Thank you!

Thanx for reopening a true treasure. Everything is baffo - 4 stars --- the product, the seats and the atmosphere.
-Eric Bruce 3/34/04

I'm very happy Avon reopened. That's one of the good things which could happen to the city of Stamford:-)

I thoroughly enjoy your newly-refurbished theatre and it's mission. I sincerely hope that it is highly successful! By the by, I've told friends and am hopeful they will experience the AVON for themselves. Congratulations!
-Michele Drinkwater

"I came to Stamford in 1982 and there was only one movie theatre—next to 'Hookers Hangout'—where I could see all the great foreign and domestic films that usually played in the 'art' houses. When they finally sold that old theatre I felt that even though I loved Stamford, I was living in an artistic wasteland. Now comes the new Avon movie theatre. To be able to see "Random Harvest" with Ronald Colman, and Charlie Chaplin and Cary Grant is like being allowed to visit heaven...and the popcorn is good too."

-Gene Wilder

"Stamford has needed this venue for the last 40 years! At last—movies for the thinking adult!!"

"What an elegant theatre and atmosphere. Thank you for what you've done. I'll be here for as many films as I can." -Dave Matlow

"For the price of a movie ticket, you get a great film, elegance, beautiful surroundings and feel a sense of luxury and enduring class."

"Thank you for no commercials!"

"I used to visit here years ago and love what you've done! It's beautiful, clean, comfortable. It's my new favorite theatre—it's like stepping back into time."

"It's great to see culture supported in Stamford!"

"My first time here. Thank you. Thank you for this beautiful expression of life...and for the good quality toilet tissue paper in the ladies room."

"If there's any justice in this world, the Avon will succeed. Thanks so much for re-opening and keep up the great programming."

"It's wonderful to have a place that shows classical treasures of the past as well as current worlds of art."

"I visited your theatre for the first time today. You did a beautiful restoration. I like your film selections. An art house in Stamford-thank god! Keep up the good work. — WBodden, 2/29/04

"My Architect—a wonderful film—a great chance to see a visual movie of Kahn's work. Bravo!"

"My Architect—a remarkable movie about a man I knew so little about. Thank you for sharing this great story. Happy to be back at the Avon." — Carol Brewer

"The theater has an old-fashioned charm to it. Tastefully decorated and looks wonderful."

"My Architect was absolutely wonderful! We see many movies, films and this is a winner. Thanks!" — Doris & Mary Ann

"My Architect—a gem—what a fabulous selection." — Rhoda Spiegelman

"Everything looks wonderful. Thank you." — Gloria Hanzel

"This was a truly remarkable film, I enjoyed it tremendously. Very moving! Lots of luck to the Avon Theatre. Continue showing movies like this!" — Jean Wood

"My Architect was a thinking personal journey. The visual aspect was wonderful as well as the emotional and intellectual content." — Wendy Brest

Please send your thoughts and comments to info@avontheatre.org. We appreciate your suggestions and look forward to tailoring our programming to meet the desires of the Stamford community.

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