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The Oscar Glas Murals at the Avon

The interior of the Avon Theatre is graced with the beautiful 1939 murals painted by local artist Oscar Glas. These murals capture the early days of Stamford's settlement, and the initial meetings between the area's Native Americans and its European settlers.

You can read more of this history by visiting the website of the Stamford Historical Society. Here's a short excerpt:

"Stamford was called Rippowam by the original inhabitants and the first European settlers continued the tradition. The name was later changed to Stamford, which in old English means stony ford. The town was named for a community in Lincolnshire, England, a town that furnished more than 80% of the original settlers in New England.

"New England settlers usually began their settlements with the purchase from the original occupants. However, the native inhabitants had no concept of private land ownership, and little understanding of fences and record deeds. They presumed that their land belonged to them in perpetuity.


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