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The Avon
The Best of Independent Cinema
Night of Noir: GILDA (1946)

DIRECTED BY: Charles Vidor

STARRING: Rita Hayworth, Glenn Ford, George Macready



Hosted by film noir maven, Michael Kovner

When wealthy Ballin Mundson (George Macready) rescues down at his heels gambler Johnny Farrell (Glenn Ford) and invites him to the Buenos Aires casino he owns, both men get more than they wagered on. Farrell convinces Mundson to hire him as casino manager, but is shocked when Mundson introduces his new bride, and Farrell's old flame, Gilda (Rita Hayworth).Though Farrell is unwavering in his loyalty to his employer, and he and Gilda treat each other with contempt, Mundson realizes that the torch never died for either of the former lovers. Ordered to guard Gilda, Farrell tries to convince himself that he's protecting Mundson's interests, but Gilda sees through his self-deception. Meanwhile, Mundson reveals to Farrell that his primary business is control of an international tungsten cartel that he plans to use to further his fascist ends. With the police closing in on the cartel, Mundson fakes his death, apparently leaving Gilda and Farrell free to marry. They do so: Gilda for love, but Farrell to punish her for being unfaithful to Mundson. When Mundson returns to kill them, it is he who dies, thereby freeing the lovers to apologize to each other and return to the U.S. Charles Vidor's Gilda is a voyeuristic film noir treat that engages the viewer in a complex web of sado-masochistic triangles. When, for example, Gilda performs her signature number, "Put the Blame on Mame," she is not simply enraging both Mundson and Farrell with her open sexuality, she is also crying out in pain for the love she is being denied. ~ Steve Press, Rovi Rated PG | In English | 110 minutes
MICHAEL KOVNER is a long-time Greenwich resident, having gone to Rye Country Day School as a youngster and still holding residence here today. While he is an accomplished VP and Managing Director with the real estate firm Brown Harris Stevens in his professional life, his personal passion is cinema. An avid Avon supporter and lover of film noir, Michael has watched movies since early childhood. He can repeat lines in his sleep, and he has probably spent more time in the dark confines of cinemas than anywhere else. His fascination with film noir began at a young age, starting with The Maltese Falcon all the way up to Psycho, which he first saw at the Avon. He first watched Born To Kill in Aspen while on a ski trip and was glued to the screen. It has remained his all-time favorite ever since.




RUNNING TIME: 110 min minutes





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