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The Best of Independent Cinema
Cult Classics: ROSEMARY'S BABY (1968)

DIRECTED BY: Roman Polanski

STARRING: Mia Farrow, John Cassavetes, Ruth Gordon



DCP Restoration - 50th Anniversary Screening!

ROSEMARY’S BABY is a 1968 psychological horror-drama film from director Roman Polanski, based on the bestselling novel of the same name by Ira Levin. In 1965 Rosemary Woodhouse (Mia Farrow) a bright but somewhat naive young housewife, and her husband Guy (John Cassavetes), a struggling actor, move into the Bramford, an opulent but antiquated New York City apartment building. A friend tries to dissuade them from taking the apartment, informing them of some of the Bramford's unsettling history of cannibalism and murder. Undeterred, Rosemary and Guy move into the building. Before long, the young couple is befriended by their elderly and eccentric next-door neighbors, Roman and Minnie Castevets, and shortly afterwards, Rosemary gets pregnant. Little by little, alarming hints of a well-planned and sinister conspiracy will begin to emerge, enfolding Rosemary in a shroud of suspicion. Eventually, she suspects her neighbors are part of a witch coven with sinister designs for her unborn baby, and that Guy may be cooperating with them in exchange for help in advancing his acting career. ROSEMARY’S BABY became a critically praised hit, winning Ruth Gordon an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress. In 2014, the film was selected for preservation in the National Film Registry by the Library of Congress.




RUNNING TIME: 136 minutes






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